Here now..

Hello, a straight-ish, tentative hello. I've shopped at Love Honey for a couple of years or so but I am a forum shrinking violet. Jumping in tonight so be gentle!

Welcome to the forums petalot


Hello there petalot! Welcome to the lovely and friendly forum. :-)

Hi and welcome to the forum


Hi there and welcome on here. Hope you have lots of fun on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Thanks for the welcome, though Mrs Average couldn't look less so.

I'm loving the avatar/pictures, though intimidated a little. Still, I like something to live up to!

Where do I go from here???

Hi petalot! :)

hello ! * waves * have fuuuun !!!!

...two more welcome welcomes! Thanks to you both. 'Tis true!

Welcome to the friendly forum of fun. Enjoy!