Hey All. New customer, just found the forum

Hello Everyone.

New here, dropping in to say Hi.

Placed and received our first LH order a couple of weeks ago. Impressed.

Will post a review of our items soon.

Really interested in the forum for others thoughts on some of the items for sale & comparisons between them. The LH reviews (per product) are great, but comparisons between similar products would be even more helpful.

All the best to everyone!

Hi and welcome

Hi Peggly welcome to the forums.

Hello and welcome to the forums ☺️

Wecome to the forums

I'm new to the forums too! Bought a toy a while ago, and am being sent another by LH customer care as in my review they noticed it had a tiny fault! Loving the forums so far and am super impressed with LH customer care as it is extremely quick and they care about their customers!

Hello and welcome 🙂

Hello all

new myself,,brilliant forum..top advice and chat from lok minded people.as a man i have a few very close friends that are girls but still wouldn’t be confident to ask the questions you can here

Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome ☺️

Hi and welcome :)

Hey all. Thanks very much for the welcomes!

Working on a couple of toy reviews now :-)

Hello and welcome