Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone

I'm Lex. I live in Glasgow. I am 28 years old. Finally I have found a forum where people talk freely about sex!! I enjoy writing and have delved a little into Erotic Fiction. I am planning to post some for you to have a look at.

Hi and welcome to the forums

writers are always welcome but heres some light reading first!




Hello and welcome

Welcome Lex, look forward to the stories. x

hello and welcome

Hi Lex, welcome to the forums

Hiya xx

Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)


ps do u realise that with 1 more x u'd b a spaceship? (Does anybody else remember the TV series?)

Lol my other half has pointed out the Lexx also. Hmm I never saw that show but am now interested to see it.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hey, sorry it's a bit late but welcome :D

Hey Everyone

Thanks so much for the welcome messages.

Your welcome, hope you have fun. x

Hi and welcome p