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What’s your favourite sex toys for the men with larger than life penises lol sick of toys made for less than average guys

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These two items concentrate on the tip of a Penis as opposed to its entire length, I have both and they do work for me, not suggesting they will for you but maybe worth a try.
Lots of toys are based on concentrating just on certain parts of the Penis just have a look through LH. I do understand though, things like fleshlights could be frustrating.

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Hi, @greg.82 welcome to the forum :wave:
(Fyi, the 2nd toy @DanceswithPenguins recommended is onsale 50% off atm if that helps)

The review i read of the firefly masturbator by super smash cashe (jam “yoni firefly super smash cache” into google if you want to read it) was by someone who was well above average girth (6.2” circumference), and they are surprisingly stretchy apparently so might be worth a look into. (I dont have a penis so cant say personally, just thought id throw it in the mix)

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