Hi all

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've only recently found Love honey and its excellent forum.

I've read a few posts on various subjects and I'm pleasantly surprised and how frank and open you people are, and also how friendly, welcoming and informative (and beautifully kinky) you all are.

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome. It's all very friendly around here

Welcome :) it's great fun around here so get posting!

Hello and welcome :) x

Mr Gooner wrote:

Hello and welcome

and Mr Gooner, you can thank us for putting three past the Spuds

Hey. Welcomes x

Hi and welcome :)

Hello :-)

Hi Mozzalini and Welcome to the forums :)

When you get a chance have a read through the LH forum rules:


and why not introduce yourself in the Newbie Initiation Test:


Hope you have fun :) xx

Hi & welcome, have fun :)

Hi there and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Hiya :)

hiya, welcome!

hi welcome x

Hi xx

Thanks everyone! Newbie test done, no to plough through all the interesting posts.