Hi all

Hello I'm not sure if im doing this right not got the hang of this forum yet (still learning ) I've sent a lot of friend requests out and hopefully you all reply if I haven't sent you one please feel free on adding me. Plus love shopping for stuff on this site for me and my wife. Please feel free to give advise on absolute anything very opened minded but I love buying lingerie for my wife. Thanks for the friends that have already replied. Speak soon x

Hi and welcome! :)

Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll have a great time here :)

hi, you'll pick it up. haope you have fun


Welcome to the forums I'm sure you'll get the hang of it pretty soon, just have a a browse and join in the fun


Thanks for the quick replys x

Hi Lacoste and welcome to the forums :) x

Hi and welcome new friend! It's so great here, everyone is really friendly and you can ask anything, someone always has the answer! Hope you enjoy the forum.

Welcome :)

Hello :)


Hello and welcome!

Hey, welcome to the forums :)

Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Hi and welcome :)

Hello :-)

Welcome x

Hi and welcome to the forums ;)

Hello and welcome!

Hope you have fun!

Hello :)