Hi and piercings

Hi, new to the forums & just wondered what you guys think of piercings? I haven't mentioned it to my OH yet but thinking of getting my nipples pierced then thought why not go for a clitoral hood piercing as well. Anyone else got piercings?

Do it :D I recently got one of my nipples done and I absolutely love it! It wasnt as painful as expected either, and has healed well. Also love tattoos :) x

Ooch all I can say is rarther you than me... Hi and welcome hope you enjoy the forum and the shopping. :-)

Hey :) only new to the site and finding it great so far! x

hi welcome

Thanks ladies. I have a couple of tattoos which didn't hurt as much as anticipated so think I will start with one nipple and take it from there.

As for shopping i' ve bought stuff frpm LH before and not been disappointed. OH & I are currently waiting for this to come back into stock http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16259 ;-)

It'll be easy after having tattoos! Going to get it done last minute is best, doesn't give you much time to panick about it... I downed a glass of wine and went lol. Ooo thats nice! I'm waiting on my first order, plenty of good reviews about the site so im sure that it won't dissapoint! x

i have my nipple ,belly and iner vagina lips percied

like them very much and so have all the males i have been intement with

ive had no complaints

19 and counting... love them :)

Hi welcome to the forums x

No piercings for me im afraid apart from my ears, only cos im too much of a wimp though :)

Ork wrote:

Way I look at it, so long as you stop before you start looking like a mechanics tool box, who cares?

I've had partners who had over 20 in their face alone... i don't see them as mechanics tool boxes.. they were wonderful, hard working, caring, creative people.

I love piercing a and have a few myself. Always wanted my nipple doing but that's one area am feeling 50/50 about :-/

A fling had her nipple pierced, it was, a surprise, but I'm not really a fan of any piercings

Ork wrote:

I think there is a limit to how much you can do before you go beyond the whole being your self, or rebbeling against society or whatever, and just start looking daft.

I'm all for doing whatever you want to do, but some people really do just make themself's look daft.

Daft,,, your oppinion. No one was rebelling, done for the feel, experience, for tribal reasons for many reasons. So i find that insulting. it may not be your cup of tea, but doesn't mean anyone has the right to insult others. That way of vieving things is just as insuting as people who judge over weight, race, religion etc... Ork i don't truely believe on the sheer amount of time you waste gaming etc... doesn't mean i'm gonna stand there are say you are daft, stupid what ever. Everyone has the choice to do as they wish with their own bodies, if more people would adapt this view, less people would be judged, bullied, unhappy etc..

I would like my nipples, clit and belly button done. I'd say go for what you want.

Ork wrote:

Race etc and piercings are very different things, though I see your point... but I judge people, I'm pretty good at it to, but judging someone, and thinking to many piercings look daft aren't the same thing.... also being offended makes no difference, if I had a penny for everyone who claimed offense, I could buy out lovehoney.

Put simply, I'm not going to hunt down people and call them daft for having to many piercings, or whatever, my point was if you get to much you look daft simple as that, and I should point out anything anyone says is obviously they're oppinion, unless stated other wise. Rebbeling etc are general reasons people tend to do it, which was why I mentioned that... though obviously it won't be everyone's reasoning.

There is no difference in judging on looks/piercings, race, weight... it's all crap and all offencive to me.

I think pierced nipples are extremely erotic, never been with a girl with the clit done, but from what I watched, I quite like it. As with tattoos, think they look good, if you keep it tasteful.

There is no difference to me between being judged over appearance, weight or anything else. It all sucks end of.

Do you know what Ork... it's the very reason I have stopped using the forums twice befor. Because unless you cyber flirt or have a clique or in a certain circle on here.... people like you will continue to rule out anyone who doesn';t fit your idea of acceptable!! It amazes me anyone can think it's ok to be so rude about such things, then take the moral highground. I'm done with the forums, done with this and done such company.


No one is saying you arent allowed piercings, or that you are not allowed to like them, Ork is merely saying he does not.