Hi everyone at Love honey

I just recently joined the forum section of the site and I thought I'd say hello, I'm kind of nervous doing this, despite having signed up to another site before, but I hope to have fun while I'm here and meet some like minded people. I don't really know what to say here but if you want to ask me something feel free.

I'm sorry for my profile picture it was kinda rushed, I'll take a better one sometime in the future.

Hello and welcome to the forums.

No need to be nervous

The profile pic is fine

I'm a very nervous person so I can't help it and thank you for he complement.

Hi Jenna

Welcome to the forum, try to relax and have fun!


Hi and welcome x

Welcome, Jenna :)

No need to be nervous here, most of us are a friendly bunch! As for profile pics, well I have a dancing leopard so... think you are ok Something you want to ask, start a thread, and we all respond (sometimes). Go for it Jenna!

Hi welcome, hope you enjoy the forums :)

Hey, you look great. Enjoy the forums. :)

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Hello and welcome to the forums! Please, don't be nervous. We don't bite... Much!

I love your profile pic! Good work! xx

And another welcome from another golden oldie lol!

Dont be nervous, You look great!

Welcome to the OA :) x

Hi and welcome to the forum!