Hi everyone! Pleased to meet you all :)

Hey everyone!

Another newbie thread but its best to get stuck in, looking forward to joining in with all of you!

Great website

Peach x

Hi Peach .. nice to meet you also

Welcome and i hope you enjoy your time here

Hiya, welcome to the LH forums!

Hey peach :) newbies all round ! Me too.. See you in the forums

hi welcome and have fun

Welcome welcome welcome

Hi sexy people!!

I'm new too xx

Hi Like a Peach, Hi lovecock,

Welcome to the forum!


hello and welcome! hope you enjoy yourselves!

Hi and welocme to the forum!

Hi Like a Peach.

I hope you enjoy it here. I feel like a newbie too as only started to get involved here a few weeks ago. I put in my first order a few years ago for my first ever toy, but became reacquainted with LH last month and already enjoying the benefits!

Hi all

Forgot to set an account up on my first order but have done this time, I sense I am going to spend a lot of time on here as the forum feels friendly!

Oh well, back to work!

Hi welcome to the forum xx