Hi I'm New

Hi everyone,

My name is Danny I am new to the forum as of today.
I am 19 years old, straight male from England.

Only just found out that LH had a forum so I thought I'd give it a go.
Not too sure on what to write so I guess just say what I recently bought? :/

I was researching up about prostate massaging as I was told it felt amazing. I used to think that if you were to do this it meant you were gay, but that's just a load of old poppy cock. I am sure on my sexuality and enjoy it quite a lot!

I bought an anal toy and really enjoy it. Still trying to figure out how to get a orgasm from prostate massaging without touching the genitals so any tips would be great.

Erm.. yeah.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome Danny :) hope you have a nice time here, my boyfriend just joined too.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the welcome guys.

Participating in a fair few threads today, good fun to read POV from other people.

Hi and welcome. Sounds like you're already having fun experimenting, but I'm sure someone will be able to give you more helpful info too.

Hello and welcome, lots of people use anal toys. Me and my husband have anal beads and a but plug (more his thing than mine I wasn't too keen). Enjoy the shopping and the forum. :-)

Thank you :)

It's nice being able to talk about certain stuff and get serious replies.

Hi welcome here is a link to all LH prostate toys - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/ happy buying x

Hi Danny! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to LH :-).

Hi, welcome :)