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How disappointing for you, all i can suggest is that you have an honest conversation with him, telling him exactly what you would like, some men aren’t very perceptive and need it spelling out.

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I’m afraid I can only agree with @WillC , you need to have a conversation about it. Non-accusatory and away from bedroom but maybe spell out exactly what you would like him to do to you and what you feel you need. Hopefully he’ll be very happy to oblige… Next time you get the house to yourselves of course!

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As above, tell him straight.

If you don’t have a open and honest conversation then nothing will change.

He’s also most likely oblivious you’re not satisfied with your current sex life and maybe just needs a simple conversation and simply telling your partner what you want.

As for the kids, either wait until they are out or asleep at night. Setting boundaries are good too, such as parents closed door means don’t disturb unless 1. It’s open or 2. It’s a dire emergency.

Welcome to the forums. You’re probably tired of reading 'have a conversation but it’s so true. When it comes to the bedroom, honestly is paramount. You can get lots of games to play together and there are apps as well which switches things up and ensures heart beats start racing. Has your sex life always been like this or is it a recent thing?

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