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Hello all im a first timer whats your tips and advice i am single but have a regular sexual partner but need something to satisfy me when hes not around :rofl: again any recommendations

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Gday, my OH’s go to is a Bullet.

Hey, I’m new too :slight_smile:
Well if you looking to simulate a partner my OH loves her suction base dildo. Stick it on walls or on a hard floor so she can get a good workout in the process.

Saying that if you want a new kind of sensation, you can’t go wrong with a magic wand. An honourable mention would also go to the lush 3 love egg.
Have fun!

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Hello @strueman91 and @Eldong welcome to you both.

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For a first, all around, gets the job done toy my top recommendation is the Mantric Rabbit. Really flexible to fit most shapes and deep, rumbly vibrations. After many years, and more expensive rabbits it is still, by far, my favourite. Quite often on sale, as it’s a LH own brand too.

Hi and welcome @strueman91

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You’ve cum to the right place for suggestions, depending on your preferences and what you are looking for…there are loads of options on the LH website.

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Hi @strueman91 welcome to the forum :grin: I’m sure you’ll find plenty of help in the Topics section here.

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Absolutely, get a wand.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, I am sure you will get lots of advise on here. I’m not sure what get you going so to speak but a very inexpensive toy would be a bullet vibrator. You then expand you collection to a wand. Good luck. LH have a great selection.

Hellooo - wand, gspot Vibrator, suction device for clit, suction cup dildo to name a few.

What are your tastes

Hello @strueman91 , welcome. My go to toy for either penis or vagina owners would be a bullet, as others have said, powerful but discreet it’s definitely our most used toy!

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