Well I joined LH a few years ago as a shopper, but haven't joined in here before.

Just getting back into things after long break after having baby (wiped out my sex drive both times).

Hi Berry

Welcome to the forum!

Hope you enjoy it here


Hi berry and welcome

Hello Berry and welcome to the forum ;O)

Hi and welcome p

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi Berry, hope you have lots of fun on here ~ Juiby ~

Ooh thank you for all the welcomes, how nice :-)

I have no idea why my name is Berry, that's obviously what I put in years ago when I signed up here, but I have no idea why! Can't seem to change it so I'm stuck with it now, so Berry I am! (Every loser wins?!)

Well the getting back into the swing of things made great strides tonight. Husband made me very breathless and excited just by talking about things, and then almost made me faint just with a little kiss in the kitchen. I didn't think it would ever get back to being like that between us so I'm very happy :-) There were times I thought my sex drive would never come back at all, but even when it did I didn't think we'd get back to that with all the mummy and daddyness and domesticity. Very happy to be proved wrong :-)