I am new to the forum but been using LoveHoney for ages :)

Think its about time I say hello to everyone here!

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Take a look at the rules: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/258478-read-lovehoney-forum-rules/

Heres the search function:http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/57067-read-the-search-function/

Enjoy yourself and see you around.

MM xx

A warm welcome :)

hello and welcome

Hi happycouple, welcome to the orgasm army hun!

Don't forget to write some reviews about your toys. Keep posting on here as well as having an up to date address on your profile and you might be lucky enough to get a free toy to review!


Well hello there!

Happiness is always welcome here!

Thanks guys I appreciate the warm welcome.

Hello Happy Couple and welcome to the forums.


Welcome to the lovely LH forums Happy Couple...

Am sure you will find it as much fun as i do.... maybe even learn a thing or two

hello and welcome x

Hiya! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have enjoyed your purchases so far! x

Hello and welcome to the forums x x