High sex drive

Ihave a higher sex drive than my wife .We have sex once a week. How do I go about having more with her

Have you spoken to your wife about it? I know guys can usually have a higher sex drive but maybe explaining how you feel might help. Perhaps if she doesn’t feel like it you could suggest her using a toy on you, or try something new

Different options in order of preference:

1) Talk to her about it. Maybe she'd like things to be livened up a bit, or maybe she does just have a lower sex drive. Would be good to know her side of the story.

2) Make a big effort to romance her, get her in the mood, do things that help her relax. This includes helping to create more time for romance, away from daily work/chores/routine. Obviously all of this should be zero pressure (not "I gave you a massage, so now I expect sex!", which is how we might subconsciously sulk on the inside).

3) Find other ways she can participate in your satisfaction. I love having my nipples touched while I masturbate, for example - so that's often a nice compromise with my partner.

4) Not sure if this is "normal", but my wife seems to have set up a system of barter and exchange. If she's not especially interested, she'll say "we'll have sex, but you owe me a footrub" or "we'll have sex, but you have to drive me into work tomorrow". I think she actually gets off on this power trip, and it's all a big con. But anyway, it's worked well for years. :)

5) Are you both open about what happens when she's not interested? For example, if my wife doesn't want any kind of action, I'll inform her I'm going on my computer to watch porn for a while. We might even chat about what porn I will watch, or whether I'll use a toy. I think some men tend to keep their porn secret from their partner, which would make it frustrating.