Holiday Hotel Tips with Kids

So we are planning a family vacation, but the hotel only has 2 double beds and a pull out couch. I have 2 kids a boy in his teens and a girl younger than him but in double digits.

10 days in a tropical location with no sex? edited by mod I think they would be on to us if we had a shower session as they are old enough. 2 rooms is over $10k if we split them up.

Honestly, how are we going to get each other off when there are little eyes on you 24/7?

Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.


We had the same problem on our last overseas holiday, but we ended getting ready in the bathroom together before a night out, put the hairdryer on and got busy on the bathroom floor - made the best we could of the situation! Had to be quickie though.


Like @digdog2001 said, in situations like this, you tend to have to opt for a quickie if you get chance in the bathroom etc. I’m assuming there not old enough to go exploring by themselves for an hour?

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When we go away on holiday, we’ve always gone with apartments that’s got 3 bedrooms so we can have our privacy as well as the kids so they can have their own space.
The 2 boys will share a room and our daughter will have a room to herself. So it’s not so bad when we go.
So if you’re sharing, you might have to go with a quickie when you get chance to, and wait until their asleep to sneak in the bathroom.


Just to clarify, are both kids sharing same room with you?

If they are then having sex in same room regardless of them being asleep is a no no in my book, what if they woke up? It’s not very appropriate imo.

I would pay the extra and split them up and have their own rooms. Are just enjoy your holiday and wait? 10 days isn’t even that long.


Could you even have sex in the same room as your kids? I mean, to me that’s just…yeaa.

Either find a kid’s club, quickie in the shower or wait - 10 days isn’t that long?


Kids club??? Kids disco then run for nookie… They might meet new friends playing and if your happy sneak off…

If the pool is supervised can you leave them there for an hour and go for a ‘lie down’ ? Or as others have said, is there entertainment put on for kids where you can leave them safely?

I’m sure they’d like some time apart from you as much as you would them! :wink:


And that’s what night time and dark balconies are for …


Seriously, is sex in the same room as your kids a thing? Makes me feel queasy.

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He seems to think it’s funny :woman_shrugging: Sex in same room as kids regardless of being asleep is abusive. Plus it’s down right disgusting.

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You implied not once but twice though about sexuality activity with kids in the same room. Surely you knew you were going to get called out on this?

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Spot on. 10 days without sex isn’t a big deal? Especially if it means not traumatising ya kids.

Why even bother taking them :roll_eyes: how do you block people in here?

I took it that @valbowski77 was just making a joke of it​:woman_shrugging:

Sounds like the kids are too young to be left unsupervised, so if it’s a family trip, maybe focus on the family instead of sex (unless, like some have mentioned, there’s a supervised kids activity or area you could leave them for a while) :thinking:

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Hi @valbowski77 . I think this is a classic situation of risk appetite. By the sounds of the situation the hotel room does not really provide you and your partner with the ideal space to get intimate with each other, however you may have a different risk appetite to me. I personally would not want to compromise my quality relationship with my children by exposing myself unnecessarily.

You could look at this situation a number of ways. If you were that set on having sex whilst on holiday, I would pay the extra to get separate rooms. Otherwise just leave it until you return home.

Hope you enjoy your holiday non the less :slight_smile:

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Unless an opportunity presents itself I think it’s best to assume you will not be having any sex.

If you get desperate then some hotels offer a babysitting service, so you could nip out for an hour in the evening and perhaps have sex somewhere or failing that book them into a kids club/ kids excursion.