Who uses a bondage hood and do you have any recommendations for a beginner one? I love the idea of being hooded while my dominant OH uses me at her will. We have used blindfolds and gags but want to progress. THanks.

I use bondage hood, I have the Bondage Boutique one, and really love it, mainly because of the feeling of being so constricted and out of control - which is a huge turn on for me. It muffles my hearing too which I also love.


If you haven't tried one before, I would suggest one with maybe the mouth exposed or both the eyes and mouth exposed. That way you can experience the feeling of one without being too constricted. You can always add a blindfold or a gag over the hood when you feel more confident to do so. Here are a couple of recommendations :) xx



I'm interested in a hood so let me know how it goes :)

I've been blindfolded a long time ago and really enjoyed it.a hood seems like good way to give control away a little more.