Hormones going crazy

Hi all,

I haven't been here for some time, have been quite busy. I often read your posts though, and find great inspiration. This inspiration is mostly remaining in my head though, as my OH is not blessed with a high sex drive.

We managed to have sex twice when I saw him the second last time. I visited him for 10 days then and it was quite nice. But the last time when he visited me we only had sex once - after that he was drunk every night. When we had sex he did not enjoy it, I did it all by myself. Imagine I had one hand on his genitals, one hand on mine as foreplay. When we had sex he told me about a violent fantasy. I suggested a softer option which he refused. He told me I got wet when he said those things. He then wanted to do something else and asked me to get off him.

These days my sex drive is especially high, as usual after my period. Instead of being happy and horny I am sad and resentful. I don't want to fantasise with him, instead there is another man I am thinking about. It is a colleague of my OH who I met once. He did not drink then and looked so good. On the one hand what I am fantasising about is fun, on the other hand it is like I am somewhat taking revenge on my OH, if you know what I mean.

I know my OH loves me and cares for me. But he lets me sexually starve. I told him today how sad I am and that I don't know what to do, but he does not want to talk about it on the phone. Really, I am afraid the relationship will break because of this.

Thanks for reading

Oh dear I do feel for you. Sounds like next time you meet you need to talk face to face about this properly. I guess it depends on how long you've been together and if you love eachother as to weather you think it's worth fighting for or not.

Thanks, love

We are together for a few years and have a little house together. Times are tough now, but I don't want to break up right away or so. I have my toys for some fun, and I am calling a friend later tonight for a girls-chat. I need to let out my sadness and anger.

Next time my honey bun is here I promise you I will talk about it - at the breakfast table! No escape!!

Aww hope it all works out for you. Be brave sweetie. :-)

Oh my! The drinking sounds as bad as the lack of interest in sex. I have a relationship that had both, and was no fun at all.

I would try to find out if there is a specific problem that is affecting him at the present moment. Otherwise, if this is just the way he is, my (perhaps too honest) advice is to get out. Being alone is not great, but at least the only fool you have to deal with is yourself.

Sorry, I wish I could be more encouraging. Good luck, anyway.