Hot tub sex

What do you find the best position for sex in a hot tub

There was a thread about a similar thing a little while back (though a lot of people suggested penetrative sex in a hot tub wasn't ideal because of the chemicals). There's also a good bit of hot-tub-fun safety advice from Oldman too. 👍

Hope this is useful. 🙂

Wouldn't recommend it in the first place honestly. Water and penetrative sex don't mix very well.

Cowgirl would be my top pick

One of the most memorable moments of my life was a hot tub bj. It was a cool night and with the contrast of the hot water bubbling around my balls it was utterly exquisite!

My recommendation position is in the shower afterwards because hot tub chemicals are not something I want pushed up inside me,thrush central

Had sex in a hot tub , felt dizzy afterwards. Came well.

Me and my husband really want to try this but need to find the best hotel that accomdates this.

Male sitting on step and female straddling him cowgirl style, the favourite of ours in swinger club jacuzzis and pools. Female kneeling on the step and male standing behind in doggy is also good. Just don't cum in the water!

Chezney wrote:

What do you find the best position for sex in a hot tub

mate has hottub and do like doggy style with my wife.. Spit roast mmmmm