Hotels for Sex Weekend

I'm looking at trying something a bit different for our anniversary in a few months. Over the years we have had many "romantic" weekends away but this time I want to do something overtly sexual. We are in a good phase of our sex lives at this time and are openly trying a few different things so I want to try something other than the normal "romantic" weekend.

I was thinking about someplace where they might have mirrors on the ceiling, or a waterbed, or PVC sheets, etc. Does anyone know of any sort of place like this? Got to be careful because I don't want seedy or creepy, just sexy and slightly kinky. Just different to the usual.....

No pvc sheets that I know of but theres a converted lighthouse in south wales with a jacuzzi on the top level with stunning bay views, have an ad running at the moment and I think the same place/jacuzzi is briefly featured.

hi there is a hotel called the vanilla alternative. it is a sex/swingers club as well. as with all clubs like this its up to you what you want to to do/don't do.

There's a hotel called Hotel De Vie, that has very large baths and sex swings in most of the rooms.

I've booked a room in a couple of weeks - really looking forward to it

Just looked at hotel de vie, looin brighton which I was looking at but still more on the romantic side; Drakes, Seaspray and ts good.

A couple of nice looking hotels In brighton; Drakes and Seaspray. Check out website Mr and Mrs smith ^_^

Have a great time.

I can recommend Hotel De Vie in Farnham. Gorgeous rooms. Great staff. You'll have a lovely time! If you want something super crazy there's the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. Haven't stayed there myself though. It would be a weekend to remember I think!!

Aside from the Hoxton, there is also 'Better than a bed' which has a slightly more decadant feel about it.

Or i can recommend (for the food certainly) The French Dungeon for somewhere a little more exotic, financially about the same if not cheaper than some UK boutique hotels:

Thanks for the ideas. I think the dungeons are too far out for us. Not our thing at all. Hotel De Vie sounds like a good bet. Just the idea of being able to try a sex swing swings it! Have you been yet BDSM? How did it go?