Hottest sex you’ve seen

I was working away, my OH sent me a selfie in a bathroom flashing her tits, 10 minutes later I got a video from the same bathroom with her bent over the sink and a POV of someone’s cockedited by mod! Still have the video in the old wank bank for when I’m away.


Your OH sounds a very sexy lady. @Cuck1873

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As you can see from the pictures, she is very hot indeed. Such a high sex drive. I can’t cope on my own to her needs, although I do try my beat


More sheltered lifestyle here and never witnessed others having sex, though would be big fantasy to experience this some day.

Therefore hottest sex I have seen has to be on amateur porn, in particular: a woman coming hard whilst pegging her partner and also a woman making her man come hands free from pegging.

The naughty clip of cuck’s other half being pleasured does sound v hot though would have thought that being right next her enjoying herself with another guy would be even hotter


Seen quite a bit of sex in real life over the years, at uni and with some friends mostly. Probably the hottest thing was a spit roast with the third hole filled with a dildo. Mind you, it might have been hot because I knew if a couple of hours that I was next!


I’ve not watched other people having sex, though I do want to visit a club for that very reason.

@KinkyMira we talk about the hotel in France (I think) that you went to, and we’d love to go somewhere like that.

So the hottest sex I’ve watched is my own, specifically him carving me while he’s inside me :smiling_imp:

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In real life the hottest sex I’ve ever seen is my wife edging herself to orgasm over and over again with one of her collection of vibrators.

I get to see it almost every day too.


I bet you could not wait @KinkyMira it does sound very very hot.

That was the frustrating bit. I had to wait for the cocks to be ready. I needed them to be really hard, so they had to have recovery time. All the while, I was getting more and more hyped up and horny!

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But I bet it was worth it in the end. Were there just 2 men and a dildo or did you manage 3 cocks? The idea of 3 cocks seems very hot. @KinkyMira

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2 and a dildo. Yet to have 3 men (but I will! evil cackle )

Watched a gf fuck a new guy in a railway carriage in a 3 a long time ago, also giving a guy a handjob at our house after a drinking session. Apart from that, guys doing guys orally at the cinema club. A few weeks ago saw a guy with a cock the size of a pistol cum in someone else’s mouth with a huge groan as he did the deed.

I am sure you will @KinkyMira. Love your blog, it certainly makes me realise how vanilla my life has been.

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Sounds like it’ll come in handy for your future business trips away!