How big do you like your dildos?

Looking through the huge range of different size dildos on the LH site. I wondered what size was most popular with everyone. Do you go for the 'smaller less intimidating' size, the 'average Joe' or like me, 'the big boys'?

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I like an eight incher, but the big boys always call for attention! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I took one up my butt that was 8 inches. But typically I like slightly smaller

She uses the 8" dildo for intimate pegging and the 10" x 7 " for domination or if she fancies stretching me and watching it happen.

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8 inch is probably perfect we had been using the LH basics 8 inch for pegging for years but after wanting to get a bit more girth we got the ice gem 7 inch with 6 inch circumference which is amazing but it could just do with an extra inch on the length, we also have a 10x5.75 which we sometimes play with and I’ve managed to conquer the lh bulbous butt plug set too which biggest one is 7.5 inch circumference which took some getting in but was mind blowing once it was up there

This sounds ideal for you.

We use this quite often for pegging but I have to be pre-prepared before I can take it all comfortably.

My go to is 7 inches but I do have a 10 inch one.

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I’m not much for using toy inside myself. But when I do, it is difficult to find them in the side I prefer. Like, 5 inches long and not too big around. I’m tiny and tight, and something with only minimal flexibility needs to be smaller than what I can take from a partner.

I like my dildos big, my go to dildo is the Doc Johnson Bam Black Realistic Vac-U-Lock Large Cock 10.5 Inch

I cannot take the full length yet but we’re working on it, I can take about 3/4 of it up my ass, It feels amazing getting pegged with the Bam, besides my wife looks stunning wearing it. It not the biggest toy I have, I have some buttplugs that are bigger in girth