How big is your.......

sex toy collection?!?!
Currently we have:
1 rabbit
1 glass dildo
1 big silicone dildo
1 mini rabbit
1 set of anal beads

anyone beat that?

by miles :p

1 platinum rabbit
1 crappy amsterdam vibe
1 purple one with gils!
1 pink/red hard plastic one
1 wireless love egg
1 knicker critter
1 ultra 7
1 nymph
1 durex wand
1 set of nipple suckers
1 supersex massager (care of LH/OA)
1 igasm
1 dirty dolphin
1 magic finger

i think thats all of them :p

my collection?

1 waterproof rabbit
1 non-waterproof rabbit
3 (all different) Fun Factory vibes
1 SinFive vibe
1 Fun Factory Delight
2 bullet vibes (the new tracey cox one is awesome, btw)
1 purple vibe with gills (AS, perchance wixadora??)
1 pink vibe
1 supersilent (which isn't) hard pink vibe
2 ladyfinger vibes
1 royal jubilee g-spot vibe
1 flex-a-pleasure
1 other really ugly and huge jelly vibe
1 set vibrating duo balls
1 set ben~wa balls
1 remote control egg
1 fukuoku 9000
1 knicker critter (I got talked into holding an AS party by a friend)
1 set nipple suckers
1 set nipple rings
2 pairs clover clamps
1 pair alligator clamps
2 clit clamps
24 clothespins
1 medium butt plug
1 medium vibrating butt plug
1 small butt plug
2 sets anal beads
1 set vibrating anal beads
2 vibrating cock rings

I'll stop there and won't go into the "whips and floggers" stuff we've got, because the list will seem like an essay (suffice to say, a selection of restraints, gags, floggers, crops, a bullwhip, paddles and all kind of things for "edgier" play).

Christ... I just thought of 3 other things I didn't put on that list...

No wonder my bank balance is looking so shabby!

Lemmie think-

2x lady fingers
2x Jessica Rabbits
1x cheap g-spot vibe
2x cheap massager
1x (broken) ducky
1x monster dong
1x glass butt plug
1x dragon g-spot vibe
1x vibrating cock ring
1x handcuffs
1x weird cheap (free) vibe
1x weird cheap (free) shiney vibe
1x mantric dinky pink
1x gold knobbly thingy

I think thats it?

aye happycamper... clothespins...

You'd be surprised at just how much fun you can have with just a handful *g*

1 small glass dildo
1 realistic cyberskin penis
1 small free plastic purple vibrator
1 Double Bunny Rabbit Pearl Three Way Vibrator
1 bog standard cheap rabbit
1 waterproof Fun Factory G-Twist Vibrator
1 Toy Joy Plug and Joy Small Plug
1 Ultra 7 Tush Teaser Anal Vibrator
1 pair of Impulse Textured Vibrating Duo Balls
1 set of cheap anal beads on a string
1 set of Ann Summers double ended anal beads in small or medium
1 set of heart shaped anal beads
1 really long thing pointy beginners butt plug
1 Bog standard cheap pearl/bead filled cock ring
1 Rabbit vibrating silicone cock ring
1 set of nipple clamps
2 pairs of handcuffs one crappy one more substantial
1 pair of spank ties
1 real horse whip
1 flat backed hairbrush
2 vibratory massage plastic devices
1 purple Alias female strap on

May I need a new under the bed box soon!

Well done His Rabbit!

Maybe we could all say which is our favourite in our collection?

Mine has to be my fun factory g vibe.

Just chucked a few unpopular ones out.

1 Tantrus Bend over beginners harness - 2 dildos
1 Pink plastic freebie vibrator
1 silicone anal prober
1 Fleshlight
1 Jessica Rabbit
1 posh amazing looking silicone dildo (forgotten the name)
1 set of 3 butt plugs - different sizes
1 Aneros prostate massager
1 tiny mini vibe
3 different leather penis restraint things
1 Riding crop
1 Schooling whip
1 10 inch big black dildo
Various velcro restraints
Homemade bondage straps
1 handcuffs
1 double ended anal beads
1 small silicone butt plug
Bondage tape

Must be some more I can't remember

1 Jessica Rabbit 2.0
1 waterproof pearl rabbit
1 vibrating but plug
1 set anal beads
1 anal prober
1 mini rabbit vibe
1 cock ring with vibrating bullet
3 regular vibrating cock rings
1 set furry handcuffs
1 leather whip
1 leather spanking paddle
1 set under/over door cuff restraints
1 weird looking knobbly blue vibe
1 remote control vibrating egg

... and the little box I started out with is steadily growing, I can't wait to add more stuff to it.

Favourite toy Miss Bumfun- it has to be a tie between the glass butt plug and the mantric dinky pink

2 bullet vibes
1 ann summers jelly vibe
1 serena probe vibe
1 lady finger vibe
1 jessica rabbit
1 hyper bunny (least favourite)
1 silicone buzz bunny
1 vibrating cock ring
1 Fun Factory Curve dildo
1 cheap vibrating egg
1 vibrating duo balls
1 pixie g-spot vibe
1 durex wand

Favourites at the moment are definately the fun factory curve and the tracy cox bullet vibe...

have totally lost count, but last night there were so many toys lying around the bed, the dresser, the floor etc that it looked like an explosion in the LoveHoney Warehouse!

So, from memory:

1 real feel vibrator
1 slimfit anal probe
1 Tracey Cox suspersex massager
1 G spot vibe
1 7" dildo
1 set thai beads
1 anal finger
1 vibrating duo balls
1 vibrating bullet
1 vibrating cock ring
1 non-vibrating cock ring
1 regular vibrator
1 vibrating anal probe
1 vibrating t plug anal probe
1 water proof noduled vibe
1 tantus strap on kit
1 vibrating egg
blind folds
buckets of lube

That's all I can remebr for now.....

Oh dear, I don't think I'm even going to get involved in this one. My bedside cabinet is overflowing, and there are some less popular ones under my bed, not to mention the new ones which are currently out there somewhere, hopefully on their way to me via Royal Mail!

aww creative! go on......i dare ya! :)

Time for a boy’s collection

1 pink lady fleshlight
1 wonder wave pink lady fleshlight insert
1 ice butt speed bump fleshlight
1 monkey spanker
2 x toy joy passion flower. One for home, one in my old bedroom in my parents house for when I’m there.
1 sidekick elastomer masturbation sleeve spikey
1 sue johnson head honcho
1 magic pearls sleeve
1 Strechy senso sleeve
1 taylor wayne love body

I also had a great transparent masturbator which I bought from a Beate Ushe shop in Germany but I lost it some where and wish I could find another to buy.

Mantric dinky vibe
Pink bullet vibe
Black mini vibe (can't remember what its called)
Paul mini vibe from fun factory
Gaian II from fun factory
Felix flexi anal beads
Bootie butt plug
Target Practice 14 inch invincibe dildo
Doc Johnson starter butt plug
Ann Summers blue butt plug (avoid this toy at all costs unless you want to be in pain from all the nasty chemicals they put in this!)
Patriot butt plug (English versio of Target practice)
Topco Fab cock anal dildo with suction cup
John Holmes dildo
Jeff Stryker dildo
Bam Dildo
Ann Summers Knob chair
Ann Summers Waver Rabbit
Ann Summers Platinum Rabbit
Love Honey Mr Big Rabbit (the best one I own!!)
Pressurized Giant Inflatable Dildo 7 Inch
Icicles Neon Dream Glass Dildo 8 Inch
O'My Ribbed G-Spot Silicone Vibrator
Vixen Outlaw Realistic Silicone Dildo
Vixen Mistress Realistic Smooth Silicone Dildo
Doc Johnson Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral Pump
Love Sex Machine with FREE UK power adaptor
Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator
Swedish erotic anal probe

There are a few items I left out...but I just can't be bothered to raid my toy box, So I'll update this later.

Eeek wow what a bunch we are!

FF intensity
two rabbits
mr big rabbit
two bullet vibes
two rabbit ears small vibes
tracey cox beginners butt plug
doc johnson butt plug
tongue joy
goldfinger vibe
remote controlled egg
disposable cock rings
FF smart balls
mini waterproof vibe
realistic dildo

actually that's not that many, I'll have to buy some more...

between me n the other half we have :
cock ring
lady lustfinger
goldfinger with jelly sleeve
tht pink dragon tht came free
the crap gecko that came free
the magic bullet wand
the g wizz
duo tone ben wa balls
durex wand
n im lookin for more as we speak