How could i start a letter of: telling my g/f how i masturbate with her pics

I use to write to my ex all the time some were just love letters other times it was raunchy ones

Writing letters is good for both,i loved writing them it turned me on writing them,and it turned me on that i was sharing it with my g/f,and it turned me on knowing she was reading it

But with my current g/f

If asked about masturbation she will say Ewwww no i dont do that,im pretty sure masturbation is not for her,but ive got a feeling that she might like to hear about how much she turns me on etc

And to some people masturbation is a taboo subject so she doesn't want to sound to be different

I would love to write a letter to tell her i love to masturbate with her pics in front of me, as i said it turns me on when i write them so even if i never ended up giving it to her it wouldn't be a totall loss,its there if i ever did give it to her,At the moment in my spare time im trying to think how to start the letter off,but everytime i read it,it doesn't sound right

I think letters is a good way to express yourself instead of telling her,she could read it in her own time without being embrassed,and it can be saved for her to read any time she wanted

Wait- the girl who'll wear your dirty underwear doesn't admit to masterbation cos she doesn't want to sound to be different?!

Just thought splurge. the (few) letters Ive ever got were imporoved when they had no real structure. Seemed more real for it.

If she was to be asked do you like to wear your partners underwear she would also say no,The same for me i wouldn't want my mates to know this

Its a thing we like to do and know one knows we are doing it,so its our dirty little secret

I would love to be written letters, and if its about your own erotic imagination and her, then am sure she'd love it, even if the thought of it was a no no.
I would maybe start off with a few compliments, then by talk about a amazing sexy moment you had together.
Aww, I want a letter but think all the spelling mistakes my man would make would put me off!

Thats a good idea about the letter

I love writting letters and sure do miss writing them,ill write you one err lol,best time to write them is when you are a little bit drunk the pen hits the paper and just goes on and on lol

My spelling isn't that bad but my hand writing is not good at all,thats why i allways type things out,im getting too lazy nowadays