How do you advance ?

Ok so I'm single, but eventually once I get a gf and the relationship goes well how do I make the move to have sex ?

In my experience ladies generally make it fairly obvious when they are relaxed in your company and ready to take things further.

I think just being yourself, & treating her nicely is the best way to move forward.
To be honest I always struggled with confidence, I found that each lady I dated were different, a lot of the time I found it hard to read the signs, I tried to just be myself.

I would advise be yourself, enjoy each other company, get to know each other. Talk about things, but not sex in the beginning, but to get really to know each other, if you want relationshop. II always start with some kisses first, even a farewell, brief kiss on second date if I like that guy a lot, but not further at that. Looks also work well and Then some touches, but nothing too much, but caresses to show you care and like them. And then over time it progresses further. I would say most women would give signs that they are ready, but some can be bit subtle.

Only if you want one night stand or a woman for just sex, do not try to rush it. Although I remember a friend started with just sex immediately and not really looking for relationship, and now they are married. It just happened. But I would say it is an exception, not a rule.