How do you dress to impress whilst pregnant?

Like most mum’s-to-be I’ve put on weight. I’m finding it difficult to find lingerie I feel great it anymore. Does anybody have any suggestions for me? I’m particularly conscious about my bum and thighs as these are taken the brunt of my weight gain, so something to flatter these areas I would be especially interested in.


I am in the same boat as you right now, nothing seems to look or feel right.

BUT, we do have a vlog on maternity wear:, and personally, I can highly recommend this:

I also layer up my lace robe, at home and out and about: I love it!

I am sure others will have far more suggestions as I am still finding my way myself.

And congratulations!

I can't really help on the lingerie side but congratulations on your pregnancy.

As you get further on and for after birth check out Hot Milk. My OH loved them.

Thank you Bondagegod and congratulations Leanne. I’ll definitely check out the vlog and all the suggestions. ☺️

Eep how exciting CLTSTU?!! So happy for you guys!

Leanne has super suggestions, I wish Lovehoney lingerie was about when I was pregnant! I used to wear a stretch satin nightdress which was my attempt at impressing! would work well, it has room for the blossoming bump if you are comfortable with exposing it anyway.

As your pregnancy moves on avoid underwired lingerie if you can. They weight of your boobs can have major discomfort with the wiring. 😘 These were some of my favourites whilst pregnant but largely I stuck to underwired babydolls as they gave me support on my boobs as they changed, and accommodated my growing bump too. I know it’s been discontinued but the Barely There Push Up Babydoll used to be my go-to piece, I even wore it for work a few times under my uniform because it was the most comfortable thing ever for my breasts 😂 Congratulations and good luck on your hunt for pretty lingerie!

My OH loved wearing tight mini dresses when she was pregnant! It was mind blowingly sexy!!

When my girlfriend was pregnant I personally liked it when she was wearing dungarees, I know its not lingerie, I'm just getting across the look to me was sexy and you don't have to worry about wearing sexy lingerie to be sexy while you are pregnant.

I have been looking for the perfect pair of dungarees, but my height lets me down with them as I am only 5ft!

CLTSTU - If you haven't already I highly recommend a bra fitting sesh too, now I have the right size that has made a massive difference.