how do you orgasm and what do you like about it.

How do you orgasm? Are you quiet or loud? What are your favorite words you like to say when you going to cum or as you hit your high point at orgasm e.g. " oh my god" or Oh fuck ya"! Do you speed up or keep steady pace?

GUYS- when you cum do you stop and hold it inside her or keep pumping as you orgasm?

Do you see lights? Where do you feel it? All over or just in a few places? Do you close your eyes or keep them open? Is your mouth wide open gasping for air or closed?

Most importantly, what's your favorite stage- is it the climb up to the big-bang, the big bang itself or the feelings and pulsing just after the first wave?

If there is any thing I have left out that you like please also tell us about that!

Thats a very detailed step by step orgasm guide you got written up there.

It all depends on the orgasm to me. Generally I'm a moaner, and 'God' is thrown around a hell of a lot as I cum lol. But then if it's a teasing, almost painful orgasm, I'm a wimperer and kinda mouse like- worlds away from the big orgasms.

Speeds wise, I tend to speed up (excitment hits me that way) but it can be equally nice to keep going steady.

I usually feel it very intensly in my forehead, like a huge amount of pressure. And my whole body spasms if it hits me right.

My favourite part is the build up. When you can feel it working its way up your body until it explodes in your brain. And a close second favourite is the complete lack of tention just afterwards, when I can hardly move, and sometimes can't even see for anything between 10 seconds and five minutes.

OK, men, how many of us, at the point of orgasm, can bother to set aside enough of our consciousness for a cold-blooded assessment of our orgasmic experience?
Me, I would guess I must have orgasmed something between 20,000 and 25,000 times since the first one. A very respectable proportion of these occurred vaginally, and a delightful minority of them were secured in, er, tighter circumstances. The rest have been manually achieved.

I can remember the first one. I was about 11, and I was sitting on the bog, beating the poor little thing unmercifully. I'd done it before, but without knowing what I was doing, and certainly not knowing what might happen if I did it hard enough and for long enough!
It was just a - well, a nice sensation. Nothing erotic about it! Blimey, what did 'erotic' mean when you were eleven years old, attending a boys-only school and obsessed with postage stamps and fretwork?

I do remember
[a] the delight I felt when I was rising to that exquisite 'peak' ,
[b] the surprise I felt when - suddenly - it happened, and
[c] the shame I felt when, later that day, I had to go to mum and report that, for some inexplicable reason, my little willy was all red and swollen!
"Have you been playing with it", she asked.
"No!" I replied, all wide-eyed and innocent.
I can still see her stifled smirk!

But the other 24,999? Sorry - my mind was elsewhere at the time. I just couldn't tell you what I yelled - if I yelled anything. I don't think I 'groan'.
I think the speed is totally dependent on how positive the 'rise' is. Though I do try to control the speed for her, or my, or his, pleasure. If I remember at the right time.
If I do close my eyes, I have absolutely no idea at what point in the process I do so.
I don't see lights. Isn't that a pre-indication of a detached retina?
I do know that the 'feeling' is an all-over one. Or, more precisely, an all-through one.

well we (his_rabbit, mirador and i) need a new post to spam so i thought i would bring this one to life!

i myself am quite a screamer. this led to our previous neighbours complaining to our landlady about the noise of our "nocturnal activities". *cough* hmm. last night was rather loud. im sure our vaguely close neighbours thought i was being murdered at 2 in the morning!

i like to be vocal tbh. getting all that tension out!

i prefer the lead up to the orgasm more than the actual orgasm, as i have stated on another thread, i just cant come more than once, therefore i know its gonna be the only orgasm i have so i wanna make the most of it all! i love the build up, the sensation of the first few touches, then the gradual climb to the plateau, i LOVE the plateau, i could seriously stay there for days, and then i like the challenge to reach orgasm and not become so desensitised that i fail to come at all....

oh and something i read this week, that if you hold your breath, you lose all sensation so its better to breath quicker as you're getting close to coming...! never knew that! but it worked last night :p

As a teenager I use to have mind blowing orgasams. As I got closer I would feel what I can only describe as a ball of energy, growing with each stroke, near my lower back. When I got to the actual point of cumming, this energy would roll through my body, when it got to my eyes I'd loose all sight and they'd feel like they were on fire (In a pleasurable way, not a "been chopping chillis and rubed them" way). No idea if I ever said anything, whimpered, screamed, moaned, or belted out a medaly of ABBA hits, all I remember is I'd be useless for a good length of time afterward.

Now however, and I have no idea what changed or when, it's a lot more sedate. No seeing stars, no chrous of angels, just nice warm feeling and a desire to hold Mrs.Ww close. It's kind of disapointing from a selfish point of view, but it does mean I enjoy the build up much much more (and there's much much more of the build up now!), so I probably give Mrs.Ww a lot more attention then I may have in my youth.

If I could choose, I'd keep it as it is but throw in one of my old school orgasams every now and again, just to keep me on my toes.

When I'm with a partner and I am about to cum, I like to tell her this. I generally say "Oh baby I'm cuming, I'm cuming". That way she knows and continues what she is doing at the time. There usually is some dirty talk, like "Fuck me, fuck me hard", "eat my pussy", "stick three fingers in now" and so on. If we are having oral sex, then I am telling her what to do to me.."lick me there, bite my clit harder, now suck my clit hard", etc. I usually have great orgasms that spread from the top f my head all the way to my toes. My toes will tingle and throb to the same tempo as my pussy!

The answer to this question is between me and my ASBO officer!!!

TO GRLFRIEND: WOW!!! Your toes tingle!! Wow, that sounds amazing. I have had my girlfriend try and tell me what an orgasm feels like - it's the one thing she is not very good at LOL.

Yours sound a lot like hers cause she also sais " OH BABY I'M CUMMING" she LOVES to tell me when she is at the peak of the orgasm and of course I love to know when she is.. :)

My wife loves watching me cum so I tend to have sex for as long as I can, then just before my climax she finishes me off by hand. The sight of me ejaculating often makes her cum but if not I can usually carry on having sex for a while afterwards although I am very tender by then.