How frequent is too much anal and douching

I love anal and would do it every night if I had the time and it was comfortable enough. I have to douche before any anal activity or I can't relax, I notice after on day 2 or day 3, I don't relax as easy and sometimes it feels tight even though I've spent all night with plugs in. I think it may be due to over douching. I've read that doing it too often is bad for you as it thins the lining of your internal walls. Does anyone know what the best solution is? If I play without douching, it always seems to get messy as I use big toys. I want to do it as often as possible but also so it's always enjoyable. Would every other night be better? Or less?

Honestly, much much less. Like a couple of times a month maximum.

If you are having issues with mess, you need to look at your diet. Make sure you are getting enough fibre and that your bowel movements are regular. Then plan play for after going to the loo but before you next have a meal.

I'm like you - I won't do any anal stuff without douching first because I'm squeamish about the potential mess. However, I'm still a beginner so I only use butt plugs now and again. From a quick Google search, it seems no more than 2-3 times a week is recommended and definitely not multiple times in the same day.

Hey trans girl here with lots of anal experience, 2-3 times a week is still way to often. 2-3 times a month is much safer and better of a number. Look at your diet and fiber in take especially you want to be getting 40 plus grams of fiber a day. Personally I use one of those fiber powders and simply use the loo and shower and use my finger in the shower to make sure.

At this point I know when I can get away with not douching and when I need to but trouble be told it's said for very sepcial times with extend long perions of play. Have never had a issue but if I did I'd remain calm clean and move on.

Ultimately though, if you are playing back there, odds are you will encounter a mess at some point. All you can do is clean up and move on.

I find that if I am playing with larger toys (by girth, length or both), I will check the toy part way through, if there is a mess, simply clean it off, reapply lube and keep going. I just accept it as part of enjoying anal play.

Your inability to relax will ease when you accept that a mess is possible. Put down a towel or similar so that you don't risk staining / soiling bedding or other covers.

If you give the area a good clean with soap, maybe just inside the opening a bit with your finger 30-60 minutes after you do a bowel movement, you should be good to go.

As a couple we have started experimenting more on myself when it comes to anal as my girlfriend isn’t the biggest fan of it. I have looked into douching for prepping but a lot of things I have read I have got a lot of mixed reviews from. I think many people over do it and it ends up not the best. I am yet to have a problem with mess and just make sure I clean myself in the shower and use fingers to clean thoroughly especially if I know we are going to be doing things after. A lot of the time it’s toys. If it’s because of having a male partner it might be worth douching but I think shower often and douch little and see how it goes.

Not clear on what should only be done a few times a month according to some of the above advice.

I assume they mean douching. When I first started anal (pretty much once a week), I used to have a douche first but found it created more mess that not having a wash and now don't bother just follow the regimes as outlined above by a number of people and never really have issues.

You say you use big toys and for long periods, I can easily imagine there could be leakage after protracted use purely because muscles haven't recovered and are still stretched so there isn't the natural seal.

Is your question about the frequency of douching or anal penetration?