How long does a douching last?

It might be a bit of a odd question but from when you release your douche (the warm water in side you if you get my drift) how long will the cleanliness last? Or is everyone different with it? Using lovehoney s douche and keeping the liquid in my body for 10 to 20mins. 2bottels worth is my max for now if that helps!

My guess would be till you next have a dump, don't douche myself, personally I just know if I'm likely to be clean or not, and if I don't feel clean enough anal play will have to wait, I have however douched in the past and found it to be more trouble than it was worth if ya catch my drift, maybe I did it wrong lol

Never douched. Not felt need to tbh. There's times that aren't suitable for anal play like after a poo.
And If any mess occurs it's cleaned up discretely. I hardly ever know. Hubby just goes to clean up.

It varies partly on when you last ate. It can take from 6 to 8 hours to digest food, so that's a rough idea on how long it may take to pass through your systen and through your anal canal.

Although many educators suggest not to eat up to 3 hours prior to anal activities for clean anal play. I think really it can depend on a few individual factors too, such as type of diet you have, etc.

The thing with docuhing, you really shouldn't do it all the time, as you need to make sure the lining and gut flora are their to help aid digestion. If you're always douching and not giving your body a break, you may find your body won't have any time to recover and therefore upset your gut.

Again a break can vary from person to person, from around 8 hours to even up to a day. It really does partly depend on your diet =)

Thanks all so very much for your input. It can get to the point of addiction could douching as i quite enjoy it. Glad i asked now as i might of done it every weekend not now. I think i will limit it to around 3 or 4 time's a year now if not less!

I will just listen to my body or after i have at a poop that evening will i have anal fun. But make sure to wate about 1hr after i did it.

Thanks again for helping, could be a bit embarrassing asking your local GP this kind of thing

I wonder what the main health factor's are for douching on the hole?

What are the main reasons you need to have a douching done? Meaning what's the main overall health benefits from it?

I don't mind the mess if i get some, i did it to help me go deeper you see! Is it possible to go deep without douching then?

In answer to the last part of your question, there's no real health benefits, it's just a cleanliness thing before anal sex. In fact you really should avoid doing it to often, as all the flora and healthy bacteria down there help digestion and fight infection. That's the reason vaginal douching is a bad idea, it's more finely balanced than the bum, but still anal douching shouldn;t be too regular, so don;t get carried away!

20 minutes should really be about the max. Are you douching or using an enema kit? ie little bulb or hot water bottle style. The enema puts a lot more in there and you can jiggle it around more. But some may get stuck in your colon, so leave an hour before anal or you might release some duirg play!

Everyone's digestion varies, and it depends what you've eaten as some things will go through you quicker. As a rule douche at least an hour before sex but after 3-4 more 'matter' may appear down there. This is a pretty thorough guide to the whole process

Thanks bmac its only douching that i do. The bottel is no more bthan 275 or 250 ml so fill up twice. Might be 225. Lovehoney s on brand. On there online shop.

It's an interesting question, with no real definitive answer, as it can depend on a number of factors.

Firstly it's a question of how deep you're douching. Ideally you should only be douching the rectum, which is a 5-6 inch vertical passage into the body, and where the majority of anal play takes place for most people. If you're into deep insertions then you may also want to douche out the sigmoid colon, which adjoins onto the top of the rectum at right angle. The problem with this is that you'll need to use more water in one go, and once the water gets that deep the body is likely to hold onto some of it even after you think you've expelled it all, which can lead to unpleasant occurrences of the water starting to leak back out whilst you're in the middle of having fun, bringing with it some of the contents of your digestive tract.

The other factor is how far along the digestive tract your latest meal is, although it won't actually be your latest meal you'll be concerned about, but rather the one from the night before, as disgesiton is a slow process. The intestines are long, and if the food has only just started to enter the colon and it's largely clear, then you'll have a long window before it reaches the rectum and ruins your nice clean douche, whereas if the food is already 3/4 of the way down the colon then you'll have less time. Unfortunately there's no real way to know exactly how far along you are with digestion, and as we're pretty much constantly eating with regular meals and snacks inbetween, there's often a constant queue of stuff moving through the stomach and intestines.

As others have said, you don't want to douche too often; like anything it's about moderation. When you douche it actually dehydrates your rectum, 1.) because it rinses away the natural layer of mucus which lines the rectum and lubricates bowel movements, and 2.) because the body doesn't actually like pure water and reacts badly to it. All the water in the body has very slight salt content, so when you use pure water it has this strange dehydrating effect. As long as you're not doing it multiple times a day you should be okay. Try to stick to only doing it before a shower, or when you know you're definitely going to be engaging in anal play.

Thanks for most informative answering most helpful indeed.

never done it myself, so thanks for the useful information.