How long does the L'Amourose denia take to charge?

I've had it on charge for nearly 2 hours now but the light is still blinking and the instruction manual says it will stop blinking when it's fully charged. Does it take longer to charge when it's a brand new toy?

New toys can take an absolute age the first time they're charged. I can't remember how long my Denia took the first time but it does take well over an hour to recharge so I wouldn't worry about it yet :)

Also definitely don't try to use it before it does stop flashing, this is so that you get full life out of its battery in the long run.

Ooo so wish I had got one instead of the nea in the Christmas day sale :(

I don't think I have ever been able to wait for a new toy to fully charge lol x

Thanks ladies! I'll be patient with it...

Spoonerism, is always the little spoon your blog? It's been a big help to me and I really like the style of writing, so if that's yours, then big thanks!

Mine took 3 hours, guessing its normal? It was however very frustrating! :P

3 hours is nothing - my Stronic 1 took about 8 on a phone charger and the manual warned it could take 16!

Another argument in favour of removable batteries...