How long is a good session

Just wondering how long you all go at it for. Me and my partner broke up for years and we got back together. We live separately but spend weekends together and maybe the odd night through the week. Our sex like is insane if we didn’t have kids I think we could go all weekend


In my dim, distant youth it was quite usual for it to be getting light in the mornings and we’d still be at it.
On one occasion we ticked the box of not really getting out of bed for an entire 24hrs.


I’m in my late forties he’s in his early fifties I honestly think we are going to harm each other. I always thought we were good in bed before this but now it’s another level :hot_face:

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Depends on the circumstances.

We’re in our early 70’s and not as limber as we used to be and my wife has Parkinsons.
5 years ago we changed to a female led male chastity relationship which gave her total control of her and my orgasms. She learned how to come slowly or quickly and as many times as she wants. Together we learned how to control my orgasms so that I can hold out for as long as she wants.
We established a rule that we have sex 3 or 4 times a week and on these occasions we are rarely out of bed (unless the activity demands it) before lunchtime.

We do, however, sneak in a ‘quickie’ a couple of times a week too. This is more likely to be a session of impact play or pegging (I’m the sub here) and lasts maybe an hour or so.

For us though the length of the session is less important than the quality.

2-4 hours for us, but that’s not including snuggling in bed and talking afterwards. I could do that forever if I didn’t have work to do and a home to run.

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probably at least two hours. We’d cuddle and when I could get hard again we’d do it again. Once we did it three times in one very long session. I remember finally getting up for lunch - I was hungry!

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I’d think it’s more about the quality rather than the length of a session :nerd_face:

Last weekend we had a 7hr session, ourselves and lots of lovehoney toys were included!

It’s as long as it takes!

We’ve had urgent quickies that have really hit the mark.

If we have the time, we have spent the day playing. Solo and together we enjoy our time indulging ourselves. In these moments we make full use of our toy collection, revisiting some that have been overlooked when new toys are added. When we do this we often rediscover just how good they were when we first purchased them.

I mentioned our 7hr session last week, just had a half hour one now, which was equally as fun, different situations dictate how long it goes on for