How long is a quickie?

How long is a quickie? :heart:


Less than 2 minutes for me…


For me and OH it’s 20 to 30 minutes.

About 5-10 minutes. But still amazing and intense :exploding_head:


5 mins, often half dressed when I actually don’t have 5 mins to spare :crazy_face:


I think anything less than 20 minutes, with a clear intent to put our clothes back on and get straight back to our day after. Bonus points if everybody remains at least half-dressed.

So a short but mutually agreeable sexing at bedtime where we stay in bed after does not count. I had 30 minutes at first, but yesterday we set out for “a quickie” after my wife got out of the bath while the kids were just finishing up a movie. Then we decided we probably still had time to check out the box of LH goodies from the Black Friday preview. Tried on a new lacy bodystocking and the glass dildo while I went down on her… still wrapped up under 30 minutes, but definitely not a quicky.

But the other weekend we were loitering in the kitchen for a load of laundry to finish before bed so we could stick it in the dryer. We had about 12 minutes to spare, so she hopped up on the counter, I knelt to go down on her, then we came hard and fast together - beat the timer by a minute. Changed the laundry and went to bed. That WAS a quicky.

@CurvyJilly that’s full blown for me hun ! Don’t judge me it’s my age lol :kissing_heart:


I would have to say anywhere between 10-20 mins I would consider a quickie for myself.

Depends on how long a guy can last on average I guess?

Sometimes my tea is still warm afterwards.


@rockstar brilliant answer.

Where is your answer? @leo4uu

Same, less than 2 mins for us :+1:


5 mins approx. Maybe a bit more of less depending on where we are/ what time of day/ what we’re doing etc.

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As long as it takes…. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

5-10 mins for me.

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Nope straight in, cum and out for us! Our quickies are around 30 mins

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15-20 mins usually before we are due to go out, the time constraint increases the intensity.

Normally 20 - 30 mins, but if it is a clothes on bent over type, could be 10 - 20.

When you order an Uber / taxi and start, and are cleaned up (or not) and ready to go before it arrives for pickup! :oncoming_taxi:


You wouldn’t believe the amount of cancellation fees I’ve been charged :sweat_smile: @HappytoBeHere

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