How loud are they

I would really like a wand I injured my shoulder when I was full time carer for my mum months ago and still aches true story

Yes I also want it for obvious but I heard they can do both jobs well

But I read in reviews that they are really loud I live in a flat and my bedroom is right near front door will neighbours be able to hear

Hey caritas, the mains powered ones are quite loud and rumble a lot. But the mini rechargeable one is pretty silent under bed covers or if you have some music/tv playing at the same time:

At night time I would suggest just making sure you put some covers over you when using it if you tend to switch everything off 🙌🏻. But In terms of noise it’s a kinda humming Sound and easy to hide.

They are pretty loud, but no-one will be able to tell the difference between a wand and an actual high street back massager so you can 'massage' away without anyone really knowing. When we do use ours we tend to use it earlier in the day/evening so it can be more easily confused for any other domestic appliance if anyone does happen to catch the thrum through the wall. Your own noises are also something to consider, as you can obviously give the subterfuge away quite quickly if someone gets an earful of those... 🙂

We do have both but my wife prefers her mini-wand. It's brilliant as a sex toy, and really versatile when combined with other toys, though I'm not sure it'll compare to the mains-powered one for deep massages.

The mains-powered wands are loud, particularly on higher intensities. There’s no denying that. I can’t use any of mine when other people are in the house even with background noise as I don’t feel comfortable. If no one is home however, a bit of music on and the wand comes out! I don’t think the neighbors would have any idea as to what it was though. The fan in my bedroom probably makes more of a mechanical noise than the wand!

A rechargeable option with some background music/tv on during use might be better for your living situation? A couple I’d recommend:

There’s also this one which I have not used but it has good reviews and can be used in water, which will drown out some of the noise 🙂

Sorry to hijack the thread quickly, it is a related question, are rechargeable wands any more powerful for clit stimulation than say a rechargeable bullet? Or is it just that it's broad stimulation rather than pinpoint that is the main difference?

AmyA wrote:

Sorry to hijack the thread quickly, it is a related question, are rechargeable wands any more powerful for clit stimulation than say a rechargeable bullet? Or is it just that it's broad stimulation rather than pinpoint that is the main difference?

It depends on the wand/bullet but generally that is the main difference in our experience :)

Bullets and wands are really different, the wand has the ability to get your clit and surrounding areas which are full of tingly nerve endings. So I would recommend a bullet (the Lovehoney desire in particular) if your really into pin point stimulation, and if you want a rumble to pleasuretown I would go for a wand. Both are excellent choices, but wands are really intense and powerful.

NatandTom and lil_known69, thanks. I do have a mains wand but never really got on with it, I'm not sure if it's because it's too heavy, because it's broad stimulation or because it's too powerful, bullet wise I love my Tango and desire bullets so i'm not afraid of a bit of power just would like to try something different and wondered if I would get on better with a rechargeable wand (cos lighter). Anyway, givene something to think about.

Back to the OP, I did find the wand I have (it's discontinued) noisier than I expected, I live on my own so that didn't bother me but I did find it a little distracting.

AmyA - I don't really get on with wands either. Though I do enjoy them for massage as long as someone else is holding them or I find my wrists ache.

I have a few attachments for them, but again I find the wand too heavy to hold for long. Maybe you could try an attachment to try a more pinpoint experience, but I think you may have the same problem as me with the weight.

If you want something different you could try a suction toy.

I've given up on a few designs as I'm definitely more of a pinpoint gal. I got a Zumio for Christmas and love it, but for travel and daily use I recently bought a Red Hot Rechargeable Flickering Tongue (my pooter refuses to do links, sorry), and have been very, very satisfied with it ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

I have a Tango and it was previously my most used toy as it was just so easy to pick up, use and clean (plus it rang my bell!), but the Tongue has knocked it off the top spot.

It's easier to use than the Tango as it's silicone so doesn't get so slippery. A simple button at the end, like the Tango, controls it. I yearned for a silicone Tango, but even if they brought one out, I now prefer my Tongue. My preferred setting on the Tango was number 3, but I only need number 1 with the Tongue. I don't like patterns but don't need to click through them to get back to the start like the Tango - I just switch it off and it goes back to number 1. Simples!

Back to the OP, I have a shoulder injury, too, but a wand doesn't really help massage wise.

Thanks VR, the tongue wasn't what I expected when I looked it up, very interesting and have added to my list. With regards to suction toys I have the satisfyer pro 2 and lelo Sono (amazing) so I think I got that covered (although I do have the womaniser pro on my wishlist).

I have tried attachments with the wand but I think the weight is still a problem. Maybe I'll try the wand mount one day.

Thank you for your ideas.

Well that was very nice of love honey to put the one I really wanted in this week's sale with 50% off

Mains wands are noisy - the type of noise that will be audible in other rooms if there is a lack of other noises. However it's easy to muffle by using under the duvet for example. If it can be heard through a front door I would suggest you need a new door! It's no louder than any noises you might make whilst using it, although obviously you can keep quiet. I think people next door doing their nextdoorthings won't hear it tbh, and if they do will probably block it out with all their other white noise.

Which one are you looking at caritas?

I ordered the one that is 50% weekly special

I live alone so its not really a problem

I can muffle the noise with a bathroom fan / exhaust fan going and the washing machine dulls it out where I can use it with people in the house. I hope that is helpful.

I don't plan on using it in the middle of the night I got this nightly pleasures