How many times a week do you masturbate ?

Ladies please can you help, I woke up the other night to find my wife not in bed but hearing a moaning noise in the next bedroom. So I decided to investigate and found my wife masturbating which was a huge turn on as I had never seen her doing this before although I know she masturbates. Us men can and do Wank most days but how often do you ladies? xxx

how long is a piece of string - us ladies get just as horny as men .

Not everyone masturbates all the time.

I know there are some people on here that masturbate once or several times a day but I dont want those of us who dont, to feel inferior or that there is something wrong with them.

I dont feel the need to masturbate every day, every week even. It just happens when it happens. Some people need the release more regularly i suppose.

Either way, its a great feeling and its even better I am sure in its done in front of your partner.

No Ork, not concerned i love the idea that my wife masturbates just curious from a female prospective how many times a week a lady would masturbate & what do they think about?

haha always think about my OH when he above me deep inside me and probably about 5 times a week or more x