How often do couple's have sex?

When you speak to your wife try to be mindful that what you say could come across as an attack or criticism.

Perhaps it would work best if you ask her if she is happy with your sex life and your curent frequency rather than starting my bringing up your discontent. Try to focus on making it better for both of you rather than placing blame.

Don’t compare yourself to others as has been comprehensively stated here. Remember sex isn’t just penetration, sometimes my wife and I just touch each other and that’s it. Doesn’t have to end in climax

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When we first got together it’ll be several times over the course of the weekends we’d spend together (lived apart so couldn’t see eachother during the week). We now live together and it’s only a couple of times a week now. Im fine with that as well as it keeps me excited for the next time rather than having it every day.


2 to 3 times a week would be about average for us but that’s mainly down to time lots of working too tied things like that. Took a week off in November and it was more like 1 to 2 times a day for that week morning and evening.