How often do you enjoy a good spanking and with what?

I love a good hard spanking and a nice red bum!!! O/H is more than happy to oblige (though sometimes not as hard or for as long as I would like) and I receive one about 5 or 6 times a week, but would be more than happy with more!!!

He loves to use our L/H spanking paddle, always the leather side as I love the sting and he loves the noise it makes, but also uses his hand or a wooden spatula (with holes) also love the sting that leaves.

However the sting never last as long as I would like and the redness is gone after a couple of hours, thinking of getting a something siliclon to try.

Any sugestions of anything to try which will sting and last a more than a couple of hours???

Hi there. I am in a relationship with a women in her 50s and I am a male in my 20s. It is like a "chummy mummy" I get punished if I step out of line and I am regularly spanked. In order of stinginess !! Hand - she can have me yelping with this alone Sandals / slippers - this does depend on which one Wooden spoon Belt Wooden hair brush - this leaves me so sore !! I have literally not been able to sit down after this and worse she keeps it in her hand bag ! Cane Now I have had a ruler across my hands and back of legs before but I am not sue if that last classed as spanking so I left it out. I also get grounded "blues" ( an essay to write !! Thank you to the person on here who suggested that !! Not ) Sent to bend and given corner time and extra chores Hope this helps and between me and you find a nice cushion

We discovered C likes being spanked after I lightly gave her a spank randomly in the bedroom and she went now its a regular thing. Just with a hand though so far

So far only had sexual/foreplay spankings but would love a good punishment spanking!!! Might have to try a wooden Hairbrush as love the thought of having trouble sitting down!!! Also love the idea of a ruler across my arse. Wish the spankings were hard enough to need a cushion!!!

MandC If C enjoys hand spankings, you really should try a spanking paddle or a wooden spoon for the kitchen!!!!

DLMR thanks for the thought. I"ll give that a try

Can you really get better than a classic hand? 😍

So I have literally just had the hairbrush and my bum is on fire !! I have been sent to my room and thought I would up date you all. Ha I think you will be very suprised the first time you get a proper spanking !!

I have self spanked with wooden spoon to very red bottom, so good i jerked off after