How often do you use toys with your partner?

Do you crack open your toy chest for every sexual encounter? Carry a descreet something in your handbag incase the mood takes you whist you're out? Always make sure you pack a vibe when you're staying away for the night? Or are you more a once in a blue moon/special occation type person?

Mrs Ww and I were about 50/50 with/without, but this has tailed off over the past few months to about one in five times. I think we don't use them every time as we don't want to get used to having them as part of our "normal" routine, and it's still a bit kinky when we do (despite having a toy box the size of a small country :)

If you do use something most of the time, do you find it takes away some of the fun when you've not one to hand?

We're currently about 50/50 I'd say. I like to keep them out an equal time so they don't become the only way either of us can get aroused (and hell- sometimes you don't want to try fit a huge thing in your arse, or just want flesh on your clit).

not every time, sometimes I do enjoy it "au naturel"! If we've got a session in mind then we tend to crack open the toy box, but I tend to take the lead. Sometimes I just wish Mr Mercuria would assail me with a massive dildo............

We use our toys pretty regularly when home. If we are outside the house, and get horny, then no toys. We like to have sex outdoors whenever we can.

I use my toys more solo. I'd say we might use them together around once a month. It's actually been more frequently lately but I'm not sure how well that really shows our typical routine.

me n my gf we use our toys basically whenever we have time to go for our 2hour sessions which often go on much longer but more often than not we are just having 5 minute quickies coz we have busy lives, and other times i just use the toys on her to gett her coming n leave it at tht

I'd say around twice out of every dozen times maybe. Depends on the mood I suppose. Sometimes he suggests or introduces them, other times I do. We need some new ones soon methinks.

Honestly we use them a fair bit, maybe every other time we have sex, sometimes a little less. Then again we can use them for our first session of the night but often afterwards don't bother if we have sex again.

We don't *need* them, but I am very highly sexed and he likes to make sure that I have a lot of orgasms before penetration, and likes to vary how he does that, and generally after working me up with his tongue, fingers or both, he'll reach for a vibrator. Sometimes he masturbates while I use a vibrator on myself etc. Sex is as good with or without them, but they just bring so much to our sexlife that why shouldn't we use them when we want to?

Also, I don't orgasm through fingering myself so I use the vibrator for masturbation purposes when on my own as well.