How quiet are Wands

I really do like the idea of a mains operated wand however the only thing that puts me off is that all reviews seem to say they are not exactly discreet, quite.

anyone with house mates/children got one and able to use while they are in without being discovered?

Duvet enough to muffle the buzz?

Many thanks 💋

Our child is a room next door and it's never woken him up. He's 6 so anything loud generally would.

but on full blast it takes guts to keep it on your body that's for sure so the loudness of you is the real issue!

No, I wouldn't say a duvet would muffle the noise. The noise is not only loud enough to be heard through walls (even on low) it is VERY obvious what it is. It's more that the noise is obviously a vibrator than that is earth shatteringly loud, if you know what I mean?

All good with kids, ours doesn't know what it is. But anyone who knows vibrators exist will know what that sound is. No way you would fool housemates!

Very loud music could help, but you still hear the rumble of the wand underneath it.

Tis just the downside of wands!

If children/housemates were an issue what i would do is use the wand in a public area like the living room as a back massager. Theres nothing about them that suggests they are soley sex toys, unlike things like rabbits, so if your kids see you using the wand to massage your back or shoulders they probably wont think anything of it if they hear it at night.

Whilst it's not a mains powered wand, this wand is brilliant and it's not anywhere near as loud as my mains Lovehoney wand.

If you read my review you'll see the only downside I can really think of is that the attachments won't fit but it really is a powerful little thing with much less noise.

I have the black lh wand... I don't find it overly loud tbh and we have children, it's never woke them...

Doxy is the way to go apparently though I don't own so can't comment on how loud they are..

What I will say is.. U need a mains powered toy.. I'm sorry we didn't buy one sooner. Definitely one of our better investments..

Enjoy whichever u chose x

Thank you all!

PurringTiger fab review and I think that maybe the way to go.


I have this wand, and as with PT, the only downside is the fact you can't use the attachments, but it is a brilliant little wand. Very powerful and not too noisy at all, I have a review on there too :) xx

I just get away with saying my wand is a body massager, to ease my aches and pains! Luckily it's not disturbed my son yet!

We have one of the smaller battery powered wands, its not quiet at all, but its not so noisy that will wake kids up in next room.

However first time we used it, the cat had sneaked into our room, and she wanted to kill it.

The Fifty Shades wand that Scorpius linked really is amazingly quiet. Would second her recommendation completely :) I don't have a mains powered wand so can't compare in terms of power, but personally I find the vibrations from it the perfect strength. Rechargeable too, so that's a plus.

Good luck with whatever you choose :)

I have the Lovehoney deluxe black one, and although it sounds very loud in my room, I've left it under my duvet and walked around the house without being able to hear it. I was also going to suggest telling a child its a massager if they do hear it.

Wands can be quite loud. When I am using my hitachi bf hears it down stairs.

I've got the FSOG one and it's reasonably quiet especially under a duvet.

They seem quite loud in the Harry Potter films.

Mr&MrsSnaredrum wrote:

They seem quite loud in the Harry Potter films.

Cuff Links wrote:

Mr&MrsSnaredrum wrote:

They seem quite loud in the Harry Potter films.


I've got a LH wand and a doxy and I'm always half expection the neighbours to complain about the noise :/ Not just from the wand either lol

My doc wand sounds like a drill lol they're extremely loud

My Tracy cox one is louder than my other toys! I suppose it depends on the make x