How to clean sex toys

Is there somehing I can get from a normal supermarket that I can clean my toys with

I wash mine with hot water and shower gel really :) ive got one of those toy cleaners from here but i only use that before a wee session :) xx

I was thinking of useing dettol wipes but I'm not sure

Don't use dettol wipes, just use anti-bacterial handwash and warm water. I don't think dettol is suitable for cleaning something you put on or even in your genitials :P

Thanks...I forgot to order toy cleaner and now my order has been dispatched

you can use water and soap, the only proble would be if you are sensitive to paraben and glycerin, as especially glycerine is preset in most soaps. In which case it may be better to opt for a sex toy cleaner, especially with bit pourous toys or non waterproof soaps, which can be bit problematic to fully wash for the soap removal.

Yeah, I agree with PPD - though it may be safe-ish to use dilute Dettol on spots, etc. I wouldn't really be comfortable using it on something that is going to go anywhere near my genitals as, though the chemicals in it aren't toxic, they can be mild irritants. :P

Anti-bacterial handwash and warm water are quite sufficient to clean toys, if you don't want to go to the trouble of buying a specialised toy cleaner. :)

Can you use baby wipes?

baby wipes arent very hygenic. they need scrubbing properly if you dont want to risk any nasty infections. x

Ok, thanks