How to dispose of old toys

So I have some old vibrators and I'm not sure of how best to dispose of them.

Previously I've put them in a bag and put them in a public bin somewhere... I feel that they should be recycled but at our local tip you can't put any packaging in...and er... well.. let's just say I feel very conspicuous. What do you guys do?

I also share bins at home with one other neighbour so it's hard to discreetly recycle packaging for the many sex toys I buy... I've settled on hiding the boxes inside cereal packets so my very nice (outwardly, but who knows) conservative neighbours don't see that I've for example bought a gag with a dildo on the outside to take my bf with.

How do you guys dispose of things?

Lovehoney can dispose of them for you :)

Like you, I put the boxes in other boxes, first turning the packaging inside out. For unbranded pieces of plastic where the shape gives it away you cn vut it up with scissors (or a machete if you're that way inclined), any redundant tots witha motor should be recycled according to yor local WEEE guidelines (google WEEE & the town where you live), anything else you can just bin.

Or, there's the previously awesome RA as pointed out by Nat ^^

For packaging, I always put it into lot of the other junk that goes out. I always use bag for plastic, so I make sure its somewhere in the middle. The same for paper packaging.

For the actual toys, I never used LH, since it would be too expensive (I dont live in UK), so there is a recycling bin for electronics in one of the supermarkets I regularly visit. So I just make sure they are absolutely clean and make sure no one notices what I threw in.