How to do sexy nurse role?

Hello, first time on the forums.... So me and OH have a weekend away coming up, decided to get a few new purchases and asked if anything he fancied trying out, and he hints at feeling unwell, cough cough, hint taken!

i have ordered LH fantasy naughty nurse outfit, and a red suspender belt and some stockings with red tops and hearts up the back... but I have never done any role play before and I really don’t know what to say or do, when to go and put the outfit on etc. Also I’m thinking some gloves might make it look extra sexy but not sure what colour/kind. He does enjoy a couple of fingers in his bum so this could work well in nurse role, but does anyone do this with gloves on?

Any hints or or tips much appreciated!

Hi and welcome :) I love to pop on my naughty nurse outfit and administer some saucy medical attention to my OH .

You can either pre arrange your roleplay or if you want to surprise him, stash the outfit in a spare room or cupboard and nip off to get changed once he's in bed . As he's already expressed an interest in the naughty nurse idea I'm sure he'll be a more than willing patient!

You really don't have to say very much, just maybe start off in nurse mode such as" I hear you're not feeling too well, I'd better take a look at you" ask him what the problem is, then carry out a few checks such as taking his pulse....and finding it rather fast no doubt! Then moving on to examining any other parts.

You mentioned gloves, that's a great idea and I don't think it matters about the colour, just those thin disposable ones that nurses use . Ideal for indulging in a rectal exam too ,makes it feel more realistic I think.

Don't worry if you think you sound corny , some of the stuff me and my OH say sounds like it's straight out of a Carry On film but it doesn't matter, it's supposed to be fun as well as sexy. And a bed bath also goes down well in this type of roleplay as does taking a semen sample!

I'm sure you'll both have loads of fun!

Surely you’ll notice a swollen organ that needs closer inspection... Good luck and have fun.

Welcome have fun x

Yeah, do what @wildflower suggested. Kind of turned me on reading it. Let us know how it goes. Enjoy it, I'm sure your OH will.

I've found you can crowbar virtually anything into a sexy nurse roleplay, either as inspection for a diagnosis or as a treatment.

Intimate inspections are good. You can slap his cock or balls to see if you get a reaction. Go with the flow, if he gives you symptons, think on your feet as to how to examine or inspect for them.

As for treatments, you can be as vanilla or as kinky as you like:

You may need to give him a BJ "to clear out his balls", or w*nk him and get him to eat it.

One I liked is that he needed to suck on my nipples, as the best treatment was human breast milk. When he didn't get any (as I wasn't lactating), I went on to offer him the second best treatment (pussy juice!)

You can do enemas (as they were regularly used in the NHS into the 70s for various things)

Butt plugs or dildos/strap-ons all as treatment.

Even sounding is doable under treatment.

The possibilities are endless, and he liked the time I told him he'd need a variety of treatments over the week to be "cured". That gave me an excuse to be sexy nurse every night for a week!

Let your imagination run wild!