How to introduce sex toys

Our order arrived having completed a tour of italy (lucky thing). OH had trembling knees when he saw the contents of the parcel.

Given that neither of us have ever used any kind of sex toy before, I was basically just looking for advice as to how to actually introduce them without spoiling the moment as it were. Don't know if that makes much sense (well, it does to me). We were very modest and ordered the Sexier Life pack, so it's not like we have who knows what: a bullet, a vibrating cock ring oh and the squelchy stroker (which OH tried already).

The kegel exercisers are already being used and I looooooovvvvve them, very much. I have come over all feint harder so the beginners anal sex kit will be staying in its packaging for a while to come.

So, back to the purpose of this post which is any tips when and how to introduce these things.


Since you've both seen all the items just go for it and try them. First time doesn't need to be perfect so just experiment. "Shall we try this one this time?"

Leave them in easy reach so one of you can grab one when the mood strikes. Just have fun.

Have fun leave them near by and if the moment takes you gab it x