How to please while she is face sitting

What are the best techniques to please a women while she is face sitting? Same techniques as regular head ( slow and steady) ?

Learn to breathe thru your ears :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely love it when the OH does this, I usually take it slowly not just focusing on her clit. The fact that she is straddling my face, means that her pussy lips are parted which allows me to work my tongue up into her pussy.
I usually finish by light touches on her clit with the tip of my tongue and that is enough to bring her to a quivering orgasm.

Practise makes perfect.



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This is a great position but can also be tricky. She usually likes it best sitting facing the top of my head. This can also make it a struggle for me to breathe especially when she starts feeling it and leans forward some. We have an agreement that I will tap her bottom if I’m in need of oxygen! Lol if she reverses her sit it’s much easier to breathe. I usually slightly open my lips and stick my tongue out and she will slide herself back and forth hitting the spots she wants!


We have a similar signal. He always says “Let me worry about breathing, you just concentrate on cumming.”


Let her control the tease, speed and pressure but remember you need to get oxygen.
Depending it could be nice long licks or deep inside, mix it up and react to her continue what shes loving and pass on whats not getting her excited.
She could always use a toy on her clit at the same time

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My two favorites are either to use a big flay tongue, plenty of saliva and juice and lick away all over not just the clit.

Or, get a dildo gag strapped in your mouth and let her sit on it.

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