How to produce more semen.

Hello, this is my first post.

I’m just wondering if there are easy ways to produce more semen as we are trying for a baby and I would personally like more myself. Obviously getting “to the point” while masturbating then stopping definitely helps and waiting a few days too, are there any other things to try aswell? I’ve just ordered a pack of three donut cock rings if these would being worn?

Also, I would love to make more precum while masturbating! An6 tips or advise on this?


When trying for a baby it is quality rather than quantity in that there are around 300 million sperm even in a few millilitres. Save up for a few days prior to attempts. More volume does not necessarily mean more success. There is more in semen than just sperm too. The thickness and gloopiness is important too.

Best of luck!

Hi L&D, After a months of trying nearly every chance we had for our first and no luck we was also advised to leave it a few days between trying so I replenish my stock so to speak, this worked for us and within the month we was pregnant. Obviously we're all different so good luck to you both.

There is this

which can increase your load, but I wouldn't say it will increase your chances of getting your OH pregnant. I think the other posters are right.

I think cutting out alcohol. getting fit, stopping smoking, healthy diet etc increases fertility if not amount o sperm.

Above really, Will is right that diet can help fertility. Also, making sure your balls are at the right kind of temperature.

Laptops on actual laps can increase heat possibly causing damage to swimmers too.

Balls need to be at outer body temperature and not subject warmer heat for prolonged periods, so hot baths are not great either.

Sperm regenerates every 3 months with a 'new batch' so you could start thinking about supplements and lifestyle now for the next batch :)

Also, I wish you all the best with your TTC times.

Drinking more fluids (especially just plain old water) can be beneficial as well as regular exercise and in terms of increasing quantity, you could refrain from cumming for a few days.

In terms of pregnancy, there are lots of different things to consider here - but basically for a man, I avoided too much alcohol, wore loose fitting shorts/underwear... don't have a warm bath before, keep to cooler showers (as the temperature exposure can harm sperm) and ensure that the sex is regular (approx every other day) - just in case others are reading this post in the months following the original poster.

There is lots of further advice online about improving chances of conception. Everyone is different.

When we were TTC, we were advised for my H to take vitamin C,D and zinc. As well as not getting stressed etc etc. lots of good advice already so will just wish you well with your ttc journey.

Lots of great advice. We struggled to conceive, took us 4 years. What we were adviced, was exactly as Leanne said, avoid laptop on laps, loose boxers, no hot baths, also healthy diet. My hubby sperm count was low, and doctors advised that sperm regenerated every 3 months. We followed the above as well as having sex every other day, instead of every day, his sperm did improve, but after seeing another doctor he went into detail with diet etc and we discovered caffeine is also a no go. My hubby only drinks Diet Coke, he switched to caffeine free Diet Coke and his sperm count improved massively and we got pregnant ! X

Justthe2ofus2007, that’s fantastic, I’m really pleased for you 🙂 x

I don't think there's a way really to produce more other than refraining from abstaining. As your TTC this really isn't an option. When we were trying we scheduled sex for every other day that way he would have "replenished". Took 3 years of moody sex, handstands to help it along but we got there. It can be a very emotional time if you're not one of the lucky ones who can conceive quickly. Good luck 😘