How to properly clean Lilith Uterus male masturbator?

I recently bought a Lilith Uterus male masturbator, and I love it a lot. Though, when researching how to clean such types of toys, I've seen a few conflicting ways on how to clean it.

Some say to simply turn it inside out and run it under hot/warm water. Some say to use soap and some say not to use soap at all. Some say to only use certain kinds of soap, or anti-bacterial soap.

So my question is, which way is the best, most effective yet safe way to clean this? I'd like the toy to last as long as possible since it was quite pricey, and also keep its feeling the same since I got it.

use an antibacterial soap nad rinse it well, use some corn powder, or refresh powder (you can buy it off here) to keep it feeling soft and fleshy

Ok, thanks, just making sure. And i sprinkle the corn starch on the inside of the toy as well? How long should I keep the powder on for before I wash it off?

just use a little bit and rub it all over the toy, inside and out, if you use too much it clogs up the lube when you use it again. you dont have to powder itevery time, just if it starts to feel sticky

So I dont have to wash it off? Do I just leave it on it and put it back in its storage? Thanks for all the help by the way.

yeah, as long as you dont use too much it will just absorb the water still within the material, as the material is slightly pourous so goes sticky when wet and holds some of the water, thats why its best to use antibacterial soap, some of the mess can stay in the material if you just use water. if you use too much use a towel to brush some off. its best to keep it in its plastic bag and box, if you store it in a coloured bag the ink can leak in

With flesh feel toys wash and powder after each use in my experience the toy will always sstay sticky after washing if it doesn't get powdered unless the toy is really mucky there's no need to wash it prior to use, keeping it in a plastic bag might be a good idea i have one toy made of "nature skin" kept it in a toy case never gave it much use and it dried out and went hard was no longer squishy and fleshy and another toy made from X5 because i keep that in it's original packing it's stayed squidgy and fleshy

One more question. What sorta of brand soap should I use? I heard that soap with certain pH levels can change the feeling of the toy. Is liquid soap ok? I want it to feel as good as when I first got it.

Spritz with sex toy cleaner and wash under warm water. I've used liquid soap previously and it caused no problems.