How to use a stroker on partner?

Hi all! Recently purchased a small silicone textured sleeve thing to use on my partner during foreplay for hand jobs/ blow job combo. Followed all the instructions, lubed it up etc. But he says that for him it barely felt any different to just my hand, and that he didn't really care either way about using it again. The reviews of strokers all seem so good, I'm wondering if there is just some kind of technique I'm missing that would make it more of a 'Wow' experience? Any hints or tips from people that use a stroker on their partner? Thankyou xo

Hi, I bought my H one a while ago and to be honest he said the same. At some point he even said they hurt him. We tried a couple of different ones then customer care sent us this one to try. He seemed much happier with it, said it felt good etc etc. I think this is slightly wider and out lack of experience probably meant we weren’t too good at using the first few we tried. Which one did you try?

My partners used one on me and to be honest I didn’t like it at all, it felt a little tight and was an erection killer, maybe the one you have isn’t suited to your partner, maybe try another or have him use it on himself to see if he can use it a way that feels good for him

Add me to the "meh" list for a stroker.

Ive only ever tried the one, but I find it noisey and just not as enjoyable as a hand / mouth / vagina. I wouldn't say an erection killer, but Mrs Sen used it on me a few times, only once did I orgasm, and I've tried it solo a few times, not orgasming then either.

Could be different strokers (or better quality ones) produce different results, but I'm not brave enough to splash big bucks on one given past experience.

I have a couple of strokers and find that I prefer them as a solo toy, as I much prefer the touch from my OH. However, on the occasion that we use it together, I find my OH is too gentle with it. The pressure from her hand and the speed of stroke need to be just right for it to work for me, so I have had to communicate what I like when the OH uses it on me. My OH loves the clear strokers as she can see and enjoy my length and knows where her hand is gripping me.

We've bought a couple of strokers and I don't get on with them either. The nicest one we have is a half-sized Blow-Yo one that feels really soft and tactile, but even that isn't as good as Mrs Chimp's hand (though another good thing about that one is that it's open ended so doesn't make that weird noise you can get with the closed ones).

A very generous forum member gifted me this and we swopped out the little under-powered bullet it came with and popped in the We-Vibe Tango and that was quite an experience. 🙂 Though even that was more of a great warm up act rather than a main event in its own right. But you could add a little vibration into the mix and see if that's something he enjoys?

Hope this helps. 🙂

I've got the one CC recommended to Fun&Funky: and I've gotten very good feedback from the partners I've used it on. Some liked it slower and softer, while others liked it harder. It's about finding what works for him, then he's ready to come after a couple of minutes. There was however one partner who didn't like it and said it didn't do anything for him.