Hullo and stuff

Hi there, just checking this community out. Have ordered a few things (Fleshlights, lube) from lovehoney in the past and been very impressed by the site. I'm a 35 year old single bi guy living a little north of Manchester.

Into mountain biking, cooking, all manner of computer things (games, programming, etc), bi activism, good food and beer, films, sculpting, looking after my two cats and suchlike.

Sexually only a little kinky, rather into breasts. Pondering buying Jenna's UR3 breasts, even if they are a bit pricey, to see if they work well with a fleshlight or for a decent tit job. Hopefully it might be diverting whilst looking for a decent relationship..

Hi CatsWhiskers, I joined last week and can recommend it so far. With you on the bike riding although my off road stuff has not been very severe!

Enjoy the site.

Hi there! Just joined recently myself and find it's great here! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and what kind of films?!

Again, enjoy!


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Hei, Bunny. Just getting round to it. Copying up some notes first. College was okay. How was your day?

Hullo both; my offroading isn't very severe yet (I don't 'grab air' as the 'cool kids' put it) - just a few little jumps and a lot of muddy and rocky paths, but I do enjoy it.

All sorts of films miss Envy - I'll leave off the porn films, because they're not really films - films should either have a plot, or get you off, but not both! Anyway, most things really - action, cult, drama, although less into comedy and musical. Last watched Shine and saw Hellboy 2 at the cinema. Want to see Bond and thought the last film was a worthy reboot of the franchise. Hero. Pretty much everything by Terry Gilliam. Catch Me If You Can. Blues Brothers. Batman Begins. Gosford Park. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. Many, many more. How about yourself?

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Whiskers - Ahh, I agree with porn films but I won't go into that. For me it's more historic, drama, musical, romance, comedy, Disney. Anything to do with those I will watch. Although some action does grip me yet I'm all for the funnies!

Bunny - Sounds alot more fun then studying. x x

I do like my comedy, but most of it is on TV. Armstrong and Miller. Fast Show. Monty Python. Coupling.

The last film that made me laugh was the fantastic Mamma Mia - not sure about before then. I can't think of many decent comedy films.

Mamma Mia seems to have captured alot of people!! The only thing that annoys me about films today is that most of the story lines are predictable.

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True, I was just looking forward to coming home and getting on here!

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Lol ditto. I was posting and wondering when you were going to reply.

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Lol, oh yeah. My bad!

x x

I could suggest you two get a room ;)

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Whiskers - lol. How are you today anyway?! The rain is ruining mine since it soaked my socks right through!! Grr.

Bunny - Lol oh dear. Oh well lmao.

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