I am sorry I don't understand

I can’t start a new thread?

Or I can’t link to an old thread?

Or I just can’t post anything?

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Hey @anna.michelsburg

The previous thread on that topic was closed by the moderation team for repeated rule breaking. Please do not start another thread on that topic.

You are welcome to start other threads about different topics.


It was closed because I included my email address by mistake.

Are you saying that I have to pretend the thread doesn’t exist or should I do some sort of coy ‘the thread which dare not speak his name’ thing if I want to update?

You should not post an update, as this would be classed as reopening a closed thread.

Not only did you share your email address twice, you stated you had been contacted off site by multiple members. This is a breach of the forum rules, by more than 4 people, and I feel that opening the topic again would lead to further rule breaking behaviour.

The rules exist to keep the forum a safe place for all members, exchanging contact information is strictly prohibited.


I’m looking for a way to shoehorn in FlickLit.co.uk into this conversation. :slightly_smiling_face: I believe they allow more descriptive writing in their Erotic Fiction/Blog section, which may let you to go into more detail than on here?

They still don’t allow you to share your email though, so there’s that.

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