I bought my first sex toy in my attempt to chase multiple orgasms

I’m a transgender woman and I still have my penis, but one of the most interesting this about this transformation is how the body reacts to sexual stimuli. I’ve found that nowadays I can’t masturbate the same way, and even after (very intense) orgasms, I’m still left very unsatisfied and need a second orgasm, but as many know penises don’t like to co-operate after an orgasm. Which is why I bought the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo.

Apparently I’ll be able to orgasm even while flaccid which I hope will help me, because I’ve been so sexually dissatisfied that it’s been frustrating. Because it’s hands-free I’m hoping that not having to rely on my hands means that after having an orgasm I’ll be able to have a second orgasm, since when I get too sensitive my hands like to give up. When it arrived today I gave it a trial run just to see if it is effective, and surprisingly it is better than I thought it would be.

I like very strong vibrations, and not only does it get me hard, this vibrator is so effective that it makes me even larger than if I were only using my hands. Usually my glans inflates to a huge size just before an orgasm, however with this toy which focuses on the glans, it becomes this huge size continuously which enhances the experience as a visual turn-on. The problem is it becomes so oversized that it escapes the toy’s boundaries, but this doesn’t seem to diminish the experience since the vibrations focus on a specific part of the underside.

If I ignore this I found that mixing the 6 different vibration setting brought me on the verge of an orgasm, but I stopped since I want to to have a more sensual experience later.


Great to hear you’ve found a toy that you are enjoying. We have the Duo Lux, my cis male partner finds sometimes he gets stuck in his head and struggles to get hard when it happens. He finds the toy almost overrides his brain and means he can get an erection.

Hi @TRANSformation, welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’ve found something that you enjoy. I haven’t got much to add but wanted to say hi. :smiley: :wave: I also wondered if you’d submitted a review for this item or if you intend to? It would be really helpful to people, to read about it from your perspective and you’ve written your experience here really well :heart:

Hi and welcome to the forum! I have the same hot octopus which is great even when flaccid after an orgasm. Helps get it up for round 2, but for me I miss the feeling of my penis being inside something. What I find better for chasing multiple orgasms is some anal play too! Maybe an anal toy could be next on your wish list :yum:

This toy sounds splendid!

It’s worth remembering that multiple orgasms aren’t always possible for people with a vagina either. It can definitely be frustrating when one orgasm doesn’t feel like enough but you can’t manage a second, but that’s a pretty normal thing for ciss women too.

That said, I really hope your new toys will help you achieve more and better orgasms.

I noticed that it doesn’t have a review, so I’ll post one once I’ve had a proper experience with the product.

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I’ll keep this in mind, but will also try to persevere I report back on how effective this toy is.

Welcome to the forum :blush: glad you’re enjoying the new toy!

I finally achieved my first multiple orgasm after an hour of work. Unfortunately the toy ran out of battery halfway to my second orgasm and had to default to my hand, but I powered through because I really needed that second orgasm. I got there after about 25 minutes of my first one and afterwards I felt drained and finished.

Considering how much effort it took, I thought that it would have felt more satisfying, but I’ve felt better after experiencing one body-shaking orgasm that left me mentally unsatisfied than I did giving myself two okay orgasms within an hour that left me satisfied.

Might have to look into getting this toy. I love the sound of having a second orgasm as the only way I am able to do this now is take my hand away at orgasm which allows me to ‘go again’

Always craving that second orgasm!

Overall thoughts on the toy however?

I’ll write everything up as a whole review soon, but ultimately I like it. What you get out of it will vary on the individual, and it’s a fun alternative to traditional masturbation. Like all electronics, the battery life depends on the settings used. For example I am more prone to using the continuous vibration at maximum power which is likely the reason why it didn’t last my full session. Or perhaps I simply didn’t fully charge it.

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I’m exactly the same, I’m an all or nothing person so will be having it on the max setting too. Yeah put a review on so I can have a look.
I am dying to have multiple orgasms even without ejaculating as sometimes I have one and then crave that feeling again and again.

It should have at least one review because I wrote and submitted one when I got that toy as a tester item. I can only imagine that, like so much of the old information on the website, it had disappeared in the transition to the new website.