I dont believe it !

There's me beavering away in the office which is a back bedroom of a
house and then I take a look through the window to see which direction
the smoke is going in ( we have been badly affected by the moorland
fires as a shown on TV news ) . Then I see the next door neighbour
sunbathing on her back in just a pair of light blue bikini bottoms. #
Awkward . She is one of those very attractive older ladies who has a
body many ladies would die for and has complimented me on my appearance
and on how fit( working out type fit) since my weightloss quite a few
times when chatting to her. I dont know whether she saw me looking
through the window as she was wearing sunglasses so her eyes could have
been shut . It just makes me feel a little uncomfortable . None of the
other surrounding houses wil be able to see her because of the perimiter
trrees. I am not the leering type so I will leave her in peace and its
nearly my packing up time anyway. And I wont be raising the subject
either next time we have a chat! I guess its just a normal day at the
office !

I think people know who can and cant see them when they do such in their garden. You would have had a scope around before stripping off. Either that or just plain didnt think anyone was around. Who knows.

I regularly sunbathe completely naked in my garden but I've never been
aware that anyone has seen me...maybe they don't like to mention it!
I'm generally in an area of garden where only one side of out neighbours
might be able to see but even then they'd have to come right up to the
hedge and look over or peep through the knot holes of the fence!

Well she hasnt done it today . I have placed a curtain halfway
accross anyway to prevent sun glare on the PC screen.That should tell
her that I am at work . She does know my brother ( boss) is away at the
moment and I tend to be so quiet in here that she probably dropped her
guard a little. I just hope that she doesnt mention the subject the
next time I see her . I do know from her body language that she does
like me. She has asked about me joining the gym she is a member of in
the past. However I am quite sure that was not put on for my benefit
and it was just an inncocent incident.

I would think it's pretty unlikely she'd bring it up anyway and In my
opinion most people don't strip off in their gardens because they want
their neigbours to look at them they just enjoy the feel of being naked
in the warm weather. As you say she knew your brother was away she
probably didn't even realise that you were there and was just taking
full advantage of the lovely weather.